Wednesday, March 25, 2009

ode to a boy who makes my heart happy.

my mom and my dad and i were watching american idol tonight and then the news came on after. i hate the news because i always feel sad after, because i have to see that the world is not always sunny and happy and colorful, even though i wish it was. there are rapists and molesters and burglars and traffic violators and just all sorts of mean people who do bad things. and it makes me sad because i want the world to be like disneyland and i want everyone to be happy and run around eating corndogs and ice cream cones dipped in sprinkles. my mom calls me her "eternal optimist" because i am quite serious about looking through rose-colored glasses; i love being positive and i love smiling and i love ignoring bad things and convincing myself that everything is bright and cheery. but anyway, i was watching the stupid news and cringing at how horrible some people are and i thought about how blessed i am to have amazing people in my life. people who are kind hearted to the core and people who do good things with their time and money and people who love to make others happy and people who believe in lifting up each other. people like ryan pinner, who make the world a whole lot brighter. 
ryan and i have been close ever since an ice skating mutual activity back in 2002. we held hands, decided to "go out" and when ryan didn't call me on valentines day, i called our relationship quits. even though he was heart broken, we have remained friends ever since and i am so thankful for him and his goodness in my life. i will forever have fond memories of bbqs at his parents' house, tping houses in high school, holding hands at his uncles house, heart-to-hearts in his car, countless sushi and mexican meals, double dates, prom nights, his infamous close hugs and his scent. i can't think of a more gentle, loving, considerate and thoughtful man and i am so grateful for him. i am grateful for people like ryan who keep my heart singing and keep me laughing and keep me thinking the world is a great place. everyone should take a page out of ryan's book and give a little more, worry a little less, take a little risk, love a little more, and hug a little tighter. 

best of luck to elder pinner. west virginia is a lucky place. 

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