Friday, April 24, 2009

last night i slept at my grandma's house, in "the ivy room," which is a beautiful room in her basement decorated with ivy bedding and framed WWII memorabilia. 
i love this room
i love her house. 
i love my grandma
i love the smell of the sheets, 
i love the dish of peanut m&ms always on her kitchen counter, 
i love the way she removes her rings before she washes the dishes, 
i love the skin on her hands that is almost thin enough to see through it, 
i love that she hates bananas, just like i do,
i love the stories she tells, so vivid that i can practically relive them through her words,
i love how concerned she is for me to avoid the gypsies in italy, 
i love the diamond ring on her right hand, given to her by her mother,
i love the silver bangle she wears on her left hand, given to her by her beloved aunt nina, 
i love that she is the only person i know who has smaller feet than i do,
i love how self educated she is, through national geographic and the daily paper, 
i love that i always have a second home cedar hollow blvd.
and i love the things i have learned from my grandma. i love that because of her example, i know how to truly love and how to take care of others and how to trust in the Lord.
i love my grandma. 
and i am so blessed to be her granddaughter. 

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