Sunday, April 26, 2009

when my sister was sixteen, she had this boyfriend who lived in la and she would frequently drive back and forth. she was a new driver and not too experienced and one night, she came home way past midnight with the horrible news that she had gotten a ticket for going over 100mph. her excuse for her reckless driving, was that she had a horrible day and just wanted to get home. most people would expect my parents to freak out and take away her brand new car or her license, but no. they didn't. they didn't yell, they weren't upset. they purchased her a baskin robbins ice cream cake with the words "aenon, make better choices" on it. 
a while back, my dad came home from work with two ice cream cakes. his reasoning? "just because."
my sister's birthday is in january and for the past two years, i have been in charge of making sure her birthday is amazing. i've done quite a good job of it too. mostly because of my annual trip to baskin robbins, when i spend about twenty minutes looking through the cake book and choosing the perfect cake for her. this past birthday, i spent fifty dollars on that baby. the price is meaningless though because the cake was perfect. and delicious. and a little slice of home in provo, utah. and a perfect way to celebrate twenty-one.  
a couple months ago, i came home to visit from utah. my mom drives a denali and parks it in a rather small spot in the garage. after driving her car, i didn't even attempt to pull it into the garage. i left it in the driveway. my dad was parked in the spot next to where my mom usually parks, and instead of checking his rearview mirror as he backed out, he charged out of the garage and caused quite a bit of damage to both his car and my moms. he wasn't mad, he didn't yell, he wasn't upset. he just came home with an ice cream cake. a peace offering to my mother for denting the bumper on her brand new denali and an apology for being a stupid man and not checking his mirror.
after sushi today, i insisted we stop at baskin robbins and pick up an ice cream cake. 
some families express love through letters
some through text messages, others through hugs
some families don't express their love at all, and others are vocal about it. 
here at 6 rue cezanne, we express our love through ice cream cake. 
chocolate chip with chocolate cake to be exact. 
and i like it like that.  

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shawna said...

guess this is why we look the way we do...