Tuesday, June 16, 2009

today was beautiful in every sense of the world. 
i woke up at 7 and did tesoro carpool and then came home and made myself a delicious egg burrito and lounged until 11 when i went to the beach with david. what a glorious beach day it was. it had been so gross and gloomy here for the past two weeks, but the beach today was pristine and i have the tan lines to prove it. 
at the beach, david and i made a pact that every day he doesn't drink diet coke, i will work out with him. i've been trying to get him to quit ever since i did in february because i just feel so much better and so much healthier. and we're big on getting healthy. now let me explain david to those of you who aren't fortunate enough to know him. david is 6ft2, 230lbs of solid muscle. sometimes i forget how huge he is because he's been in my life for so long, but i am often times reminded when people stare at him like he is some monster. i'm sure if i didn't know him, i would stare too because he is just such a big boy. in provo this last winter, he would talk me into going to the gym with him sometimes. i'd reluctantly go along and usually get bored and end up bouncing on the yoga ball while david would lift some ridiculous weight and everyone in the gym turns to watch him, like it's prime time television. we did leg presses once and i was so proud of doing reps of 90lbs, which is a lot considering my size, and after i was finished, david did reps of 1600lbs. no, i'm not kidding either. needless to say, going to the gym with david is not my favorite activity because of how opposite we are. he knows exactly what he's doing in the gym and i sometimes just like to go because i have cute work out attire. but things are going to change, my friends. he told me that if i regularly work out with him through the summer, he will have me running ten miles at a time. he has his work cut out for him, to say the least. but that would be ideal since my roommates for fall are hardcore gym-goers and nutrition majors and physical fitness gurus. so david's serious about his fitness, and i have been serious about my eating regimen in the past, so together, we're going to combine forces and conquer.

after the beach, we came home and had sushi with my family and my mom surprised me with this beautiful laker t-shirt she purchased at dick's, no longer chick's. i love it, and i can't wait to go work out in it. maybe it will motivate me.
after sushi, we went to south coast to do some shopping. i previously described how large david is, so sometimes it is hard for him to find shirts that fit because his arms are larger than most peoples' waists. but we were very successful today, finding two at the rail and four at gap. and i did purchase those shorts mentioned in my last blog, the last size 4 available. thank goodness, or else i would've been so sad and resorted to purchasing them online. and i also purchased the pink hobo wallet and i love it. i have everything all organized inside of it and my brand new credit card came today and it looks so nice and shiny in my new pretty wallet. along with my new card, i got a letter from my favorite bolivian elder. it's been a year now and nothing's changed. still makes me laugh out loud, still hard to read his handwriting, still my best friend. 
and i sure hope that never changes.

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