Saturday, June 13, 2009

tonight was paige's wedding reception. it was unreal, to say the least. full on ferris wheel, cotton candy machine, popcorn stand, candy bar, ice cream truck, photobooth, all the carnival works. hats off to paige's wedding planner, dan the man mccormick and sweet marilyn because they put together a fabulous party. it was so good to catch up with people i haven't seen a while and to celebrate doug and paige. paige was stunning tonight. absolutely glowing and the happiest i have ever ever seen her. i loved dancing with paige's sisters, i loved eating a delicious hot dog and drinking some fresh squeezed strawberry lemonade. i loved my balloon corsage, i loved that dane won a fish in a tossing game, i loved the beautiful wedding cake with funfetti, i loved the pure fun atmosphere of the whole reception. it was perfect, and such a great reflection of who paige is. 
the whole night i kept thinking about how i can't wait until it's my turn to be that happy and to be the blushing bride.
and i just can't wait. 
someday, my friends. someday. 
but until that day, i am going to celebrate my life just as it is right now. single, young, free and full of options. i was telling my friend anna about my upcoming trip to italy and our thanksgiving trip to new york this upcoming year and i got so excited to live my own life. it really is a beautiful life, full of adventures and good people and new things to experience. 
i'm so very blessed. 
at the end of the night, after we had all sent off doug and paige with our sparklers, i was thinking about all of the things paige has taught me personally and how she has affected my life for the good. those who know paige know who compassionate she is, how she feels for people and how she loves to heal them. paige does this well; her smile is infectious and her laugh is contagious and her optimism is hard to not love. paige is loved by everyone who meets her, easily, and she is a genuine, true blue friend. from paige's example, i've learned how to be cheerful even when it's unnecessary. i've learned the significance of being there for someone, through thick and thin. and i've learned that true love does exist and it can heal a broken heart and it will jump up and find you, even when you least expect it, because it happened to paige.

 and it can happen to me too. 

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Marilyn McCormick said...

Emma, Your words are so kind - what a nice tribute you have paid to Paige. OUr party wouldn't have been any fun at all if we don't have all the people there that we love and are are special to us, so thanks for coming!! You will find true love when you least expect it!!!