Tuesday, December 29, 2009

i'm sorry my blog is so boring lately.
i usually am never lost for words, but seems that these past few weeks i just don't have much to say.
maybe the rash/infection on my neck that requires me to constantly apply vaseline is tainting my blogging creativity.
or maybe the fact that i am moving to london in 10 days is.
or quite possibly i just am too lazy to blog about anything other than how i've done nothing but sit on the couch and shop and eat which are all topics that aren't very fun to read about.
i apologize, really.

i will always remember 2009 as the worst year of my life, so far.
that sounds a little harsh and i'm not at all trying to evoke sympathy, i'm just expressing that this year has been really really tough.
i was very lost for quite a while and then i found myself, but i was very broken.
and then once i was healing, i crumbled all over again.
but you bet i picked myself up and kept going.
and that's what matters, and that is what the theme of 2009 will always be to me:
carry on.

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