Friday, January 8, 2010

(view from outside my bedroom window)

(our neighborhood)

(on our exploration walk)

things i learned today:
1. neck pillows are a travel essential. period.
2. i am completely entertained on a 7 hour plane ride if offered dexter and gossip girl and 300 movie choices.
3. the byu london center is a beautiful mansion, however, hauling 120lbs. of luggage up 8 flights of stairs is terrible (and maybe a funny visual).
4. london is cold.
5. i brought twice as much stuff as some of the girls here.
6. londoners love color.
7. you know that stereotypical london construction worker man with warts on his face and bad teeth and calls you "sweetheart" and says "cheerio"? he exists in real life. and he helped me lift my bags today.

i am here, after a 5 hour flight to new jersey and a 7 hour flight to london. i can't wait to really get a feel for the city; the first day doesn't really count much. i am exhausted and i feel yucky from traveling but hey, i'm still up and going.
i still can't believe that i forgot my entire makeup bag and a hairbrush and most importantly, a customs letter for my study abroad. i was supposed to show this with my passport when i got off the plane, but luckily i got a sweet little man and he let me go.
you can't really blame me much for being sidetracked while i was packing though. it is very hard to keep focus when this boy is around. i wear him around my neck now. he's always with me. so lucky.


shawna said...

love it all...and thank goodness for stores in the airport that sell make-up. mitzi and i are working on getting your stuff to may have to wait a week or so to be drop dead gorgeous. sounds like those little old men wont know what to do when you REALLY get all dolled up-hehe!

mckelle. said...

EMMA I AM SO JEALOUS. i miss europe so much. i'm so excited for you!!! my friend is there, her name is arrin. i love her! i hope you have a blast. i will definitely be living vicariously through you while i'm here in provo.

ally barney said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE following you on your blog!.. you're so dang cute! goodluck with your adventures!!! you're a lucky girl! :)

Joan said...

Emma, I follow your mom's blog and she suggested I look at your 2009 recap.

Enjoy then next four months. You are so fortunate! I lived in Germany for 2.5 years, traveled quite a bit and would not change that experience for all the chocolate on earth.