Tuesday, February 9, 2010

dear reader,
i apologize for not blogging last night, but it was late, and i was tired, and by the time i was ready for bed, i had to be awake in five hours. so i skipped blogging, and i went to sleep. and i think that was a good choice.

last night we saw phantom of the opera. it was amazinggggg. jenny's dad was in town for business, so he took us out to ben's cookies before hand and then to this yummy italian place after. such a nice man. i love dads. but back to phantom, i just loved every minute of it. the phantom is such a complex character and i felt so many conflicting emotions in the last ten minutes of the show. so conflicted. i hated him, but i felt ever so sorry for him. just what is christine to do?? i came home and downloaded the phantom sound track and have been singing "angel of music" in my head all day. but it's a beautiful song, so i don't really mind that i've been humming all day. i have memories of "music of the night" being played in my home when i was a child. i don't know if i'm imagining this because i don't think either of my parents have ever seen the musical, but i somehow know the words. funny how that works.

this morning we got up early and headed to the place where the magna carta was signed. since this is essentially the birthplace of democracy, it was pretty exciting. but very chilly.

then we went to windsor castle. today was another day where my pictures just turned out stunning. i wouldn't call myself a gifted photographer by any means because i am definitely not, my camera is just awesome and these turned out so pretty. we got to take a tour of the inside and see queen mary's doll house and see where the order of the garter meets and where the queen hosts her banquets and all that jazz. fun fact: did you know that 150 royal people still live at windsor castle? cool huh?

after the castle we got lunch and sat in starbucks for a while and went to the nearby shops and then got back on the bus. have i mentioned how much i love bus rides? i bring my neck pillow and i just bbm my boyfriend and take an occasional nap and i am a happy camper. but anyway, after a quick bus ride, we went to stoke poges, which is a graveyard/church where thomas gray based his famous poem "elegy in the country churchyard" on. it was freeeezing outside, but the scenery there was absolutely stunning. really, it was so gorgeous.
in closing, i would like to wish my two favorites daddies a happy happy birthday. funny that they were both born on the same day...maybe that's a sign of fate? ;) but really...

i could talk to you for hours about my dad and how he is my hero and how he has given me the most incredible life imaginable. my dad has always given me the best. he has always made me believe and understand that i can have it all. because of my dad, i am a dream chaser, and i know that really, i can achieve anything. my dad is my biggest fan, my number one fan, and i am so thankful for the things i have learned from him and his example. 

unfortunately, this is the only picture i have of david's dad on my iphoto. he is now without the neck brace, fyi. mike is one of the kindest men i've ever know. i've always told david that if he turns out to be half the man that mike is, we would work out just fine. and it's true. i am thankful for him, for his example to david, and that he raised such an incredible boy that makes my heart sing. thank you for teaching your son how to respect and love and cherish me. you succeeded. big time. 


shawna said...

i dont think its the camera, or the photographer...its the setting. duh

and i am going to bake j craig a cake today...even though my house is getting cleaned and i will have to mess up my kitchen...geez


David said...

why are you so beautiful...i mean seriously! happy birthday to our dads! what a great day. and yes i was raised by a loving father who wouldnt expect anything less of me. and you have been blessed with such a loving father.

Kels said...

emma love, maybe the phantom comes from last winter semester when we would blast it and sing on sundays? :)

you're blog is my favorite to read.

happy birthday to Craig!!!

Marilyn said...

I don't know your dad, but I have to agree about David's. Of course, I am a bit prejudiced! I've also known him longer than anyone else except his parents, so I think I am qualified to say how great he is. It is nice to read here how much you appreciate both yours and David's fathers. It is truly wonderful to have such great examples in the lives of our youth.
I am loving all the blogging you do.
Aunt Marilyn