Monday, August 2, 2010

i am a terrible blogger, i know.
i would love to use the excuse that i'm having too much fun doing awesome summer things and don't have time to blog, but that's not true. i babysit, i eat, i watch the food network with hunter, i sleep with my mom, and i read while working on my tan simultaneously. it's a tough life.
but sometimes i do fun things....
like go to palm springs with my friends.
or go to the doghouse with old friends.
but just sometimes.
usually i'm too busy consuming mass amounts of yogurtland or organizing my wardrobe.
i bought my all sports pass for the fall this morning. to say i'm excited for ptown round 4 would be a vast understatement. 
i'm feeling good things about this fall. 
good things indeed.


shawna said...

these pictures make me happy

Whitney said...

me too!! yay EJ. I just can't wait to have my roommate and bestie back!