Wednesday, November 10, 2010

i've been trying for the past three days to articulate my feelings.
but truth is, it's hard to put four years of emotion into words.
being with david is like life with a forcefield. like nothing can ever hurt me as long as he's there.
it's like being completely free, completely unreserved, completely myself.
it's like getting in bed after an exhausting day or finally eating after an extended fast.
in short, it feels like home.
(picture circa 2008)

i love the freckle on your right earlobe that looks like a piercing.
i love that you know the exact spot that always aches on my back.
i love that you went to the store last night at midnight to get me makeup remover.
i love that you're quitting diet coke, just because you know i want you to.
i love that you open the car door for me.
i love that you don't think i'm psycho for crying in the verizon store when my phone stopped working.
i love that you waited a half hour in the car while i interviewed, just so i would have someone to drive with.
i love that your hands engulf mine.
i love that you don't care that i eat all of your trailmix except the m&ms.

you are my home.