Friday, January 14, 2011

my man is away for the weekend on a work trip. whenever he leaves, i go into hibernation mode. as soon as i was home from school today, i got in my jammies (david's tshirt and sweat pants), cuddled up in my snuggie (yes, i have a snuggie and yes, i love it) and watched the food network all night. i get super excited when i can watch tv by myself and choose anything i want since we watch a whole lot of espn these days. but i'm not complaining. i can hold a legitimate conversation about college football and i watched the heisman trophy awards voluntarily. it's all about my boy cam, even though lamichael has a special place in my heart. jeez. who am i turning into?
next weekend we're taking a california vacation to get some wedding planning done. with three and a half months to go, i figure it's time to sign some contracts, write some checks, and get the show on the road. i have a meeting with a caterer and an appointment with a new venue on saturday and i'm super excited about both of them. but even more exciting than my wedding meetings is the fact that david and i are planning on putting my disneyland annual pass to use. hallelujah, it's been a while.
i've finally gotten used to the rock on my left finger. sometimes i forget why people are staring at my hand, and then i remember that i have a stunning ring with a whole lot of sparkle. hey, sometimes i like to stare at it too. it's a beauty.
3 1/2 months til i become mrs. emma burton.
3 1/2 months and a million things to do. yikes.

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