Wednesday, April 6, 2011

updates and thank you's:
- our invitations are out! seriously, thank you to those who took the time and effort to tell me you liked them and think they are beautiful. sometimes i get really discouraged, doing all of this planning by myself, and it feels so good to know it's appreciated and that my hard work is paying off. a piece of my soul went into those invitations and a chunk of my soul is going into this wedding.
- we get married in 3 1/2 weeks, which is very soon. and we're both really (surprisingly for me) calm. we're excited about it and ready for it. sometimes when i think about it in days, my heart beats a little bit fast and i have to take deep breaths, but then i come to my senses and realize that i am so ready for this. i am ready to be married to him. 
- our honeymoon is booked! cancun, here we come. we like to daydream out loud a lot about white beaches and breakfast buffets (that's just me) and sunshine and vacation. we seriously can't wait. thank you to my future in-laws, you both are great.
- we went to david's work party last night and won a tv. wooohoo! sorry i'm going to brag here a little bit but they put everyone's numbers up on the big screen and david's were about 3 times as much as everyone else' and it was so good to see his hard work pay off and have everyone acknowledge how amazing he is. seriously, i won the lottery with that guy.
- we are looking at wedding bands. i have had mine picked out since we picked out the engagement ring, but finding one for him seems to be more of a process. sterling vs. titanium vs. tungsten vs. white gold? 
- i just ordered the remaining 3 bridesmaids dresses on monday. 
- my wedding planner, rental coordinator, venue coordinator, and caterer all met at the venue yesterday to go over set up and the plan. a huge huge huge thank you goes out to pam, the caterer, who has gone above and beyond caterer duties during this wedding planning process. from finding the venue, to writing up a million estimates, to organizing the rentals, she is a lifesaver. if anyone ever needs an incredible caterer - pam from summit catering takes the cake. 
- speaking of cake, the cake artist informed me that she's started making fondant flowers for our cake already! sometimes i dream about this cake. it's going to be good and i'm going to eat a lot of it.
- i thought david was coming down with something this weekend when he slept allllll dayyyy long on saturday and sunday. he told me he was just overworked and conference was lulling him to sleep, but the poor guy is sick. all snuffly and headachey and sleepy. he took another 5 hour nap this afternoon. poor baby. 
- things are getting checked off, days are going by, the day is coming closer and closer. couldn't be more excited about it.

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