Tuesday, September 2, 2008

there is a song playlist at work of about 40 pop songs supposedly intended to inspire thirteen year old girls to shop and i have just about memorized every one of them. i never thought i would be so fond of miley cirus, but "7 thing i hate about you" is irresistibly catchy and i've been singing it all day. allll day. singing it in my head, outloud, humming it, etc. 
i like to look at my life in seasons...or years...or just stages in general. there was high school pre-serious boyfriend, then post-serious boyfriend, then provo fall, provo winter, and then now. looking back at each one of these stages and the events that happened and the drama and the tears and the laughs and everything little memory, i remember the happy times first. when i think of that particular section of personal growth or stage in the growing up process of emma johnson, i remember the positives. i remember the feeling of liberation and independence living on my own, going to typical provo parties and dancing like a hooker at parties for a good laugh, del taco runs at hours way past midnight, sitting in the salt lake airport at 5am with my best friend, and how excited i was to wear ugg boots everyday. 
the point of this blog today, this random spurt of semi-creative energy or pent-up emotion, is to put into words the simple moral i have learned from this stupid yet lovely song. as much as dear miley cyrus wants to hate nick jonas, she loves him more. she can even pin-point the 7things she hates most, but the 7things she likes outweighs negatives.

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