Tuesday, January 6, 2009

ode to david scott.

i am so thankful for a very special person who not only can tolerate being with me in a confined space for nine hours, but enjoys it. 
david takes care of me. 
he packed my car, 
drove my car, 
held my louis vuitton while i peed in numerous mcdonalds restrooms, 
didn't complain at all when i chose to listen to all of britney spears' cds, 
sang along with me to backstreet boys and taking back sunday,
carried me to my apartment because i was cold, 
let me park in his parking spot, 
and unloaded my entire car in only 3 trips, all by himself.
needless to say, david is a person who genuinely cares about the people around him. he always tries to uplift them and he does a great job of it. he forgives easily and looks for the good in everyone. he is a beautiful and humble person who doesn't ask for anything, but deserves the world.
ode to david burton, man of the year and my very best friend.

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shawna said...

my sincere thanks to david also, as he completely saved me from the nightmare of a trip that was staring me in the face. i was very much looking forward to the solitary confinement with you, but was dreading all of the rest. so, i second the thank you david tribute. he is truly a wonderful man, and the added bonus of being our brother in the gospel too. david, you officially can use the landcruiser anytime you want.