Tuesday, April 21, 2009

i am:

- officially going to italy as of one hour ago. i purchased my flight. flying from san diego with my new friend garrett to detroit, meeting up with whit and cameron and then venturing to rome. i kind of can't believe i actually booked it; it was such an impulsive and adventurous action that i never thought i could do. i love this new and exciting person i'm evolving into. my life is so much fun.

- realizing that patience is not my strongest quality and definitely something i need to be working on. my mom made an appointment for me to go to the dentist today in south jordan, and so i drove out there and i could not find the office for the life of me. there were about 30 shopping centers on this street and i don't know how the grid system works and my navigation system was not working and i didn't have the phone number and i was a half hour late. but i eventually found it and was peeved. i hate being late. i hate it. i think it's rude and when i'm late, i get so agitated. so i walked into the office and incase you didn't know already, i wear my heart on my sleeve. when i am pissed, the world knows it. so i filled out my paper work and was bitter and eventually sat in the chair and was looking at the ceiling and the office had this poster taped to the ceiling that read: "the past is something we can never change. but the future is entirely ours." and it may sound cliche, but it changed my attitude. firstly, i'm so glad my future is mine. so glad it doesn't contain an "us" or a "we" as it unfortunately did a few months ago. it is mine. and it is so bright. secondly, i'm going to do everything i can so ensure that my future has every opportunity imaginable. i'm going to say yes to challenges and yes to new experiences and no to bad influences and bad people. i'm going to be patient for my future and appreciate the moments i have now. so thank you, dentist, for inspiring me.

- so excited to go back to work. i miss my job. i miss the crazy girls i worked with. i miss making lemonade out of lemons and sugar packets in the cafe because i'm too cheap to buy one. i miss the e bar, i miss the ghetto elevator in the stock room, i miss spending more time at bp than at my own home, i miss nordstrom at mission viejo. i can't wait to get back and to get those glorious paychecks flowing into my bank account once more. 

- moving home on thursday. bring on the sunshine and the beach and the tan lines and the bbqs and the spa seshes and the sunglasses and the summer scent. i am ready and i have missed it. summer time is my favorite time of year, no questions asked. there is nothing that makes me happier. 

- picking up my mother from the salt lake city airport tomorrow night at 9.51pm. so excited to see her even though it's only been a week since she left provo. i love her so much and am oddly looking forward to our nine hour drive together on thursday. mainly because i get her all to myself. 

- happier than i have ever been. ever. 

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shawna said...

you know, when we took those photos in the beaver cemetery i didnt think twice about it being creepy or weird-because i have such a love for my ancestors and almost feel as if i am amongst them in such a good way when i am there. however, i have to say that the photo of us smiling in the cemetery all cozy is kind of weird-ha ha! i am looking forward to our trip too, even though i just drove that monotonous trek a week ago! what i do for my girls! now...GET YOUR PASSPORT!!!