Thursday, April 16, 2009

a special kind of double.

"a sister can be seen as someone who is both ourselves and very much not ourselves - a special kind of double." 
i distinctly remember when eden was born, not because i remember holding her or feeding her or being excited to be a big sister, but i remember crying on the stairs because my parents refused to name her shirley. personally, i still think shirley is a beautiful name and it is such a shame my parents didn't consider it for her. i think she would do great things with a name like shirley.
my sisters and i are completely different people in just about every way imaginable, but eden is an entirely different breed from aenon and i. although people are usually thrown off by our opposite looks, aenon and i share the same spunk and sass and "oh hell no you didn't" type of attitude. when i was thirteen, i went to a mormon dance and these huge somoan girls kept telling me to "go home" because i'm white and apparently the somoan girls think they own the irvine stake center. so i just gave them the nastiest looks i could muster and went on my way. and let me tell you, when i want to give a dirty look, it will pierce your soul. i promise. unfortunately, these girls didn't take a liking to my sassy attitude and followed me into the parking lot and punched my head into a car. mind you, these girls were huge. like 250lbs. my poor little 110lb. body just curled into a ball and cried. aenon came out into the parking lot just as this was going on and attacked these girls like a crazy lioness, throwing punches and pulling hair and all that jazz. it didn't last long, thank goodness, but i remember a flurry of red hair and aenon screaming "WHAT THE HELL! THAT'S MY SISTER!" and some other profanities i won't type. yes, this is a true story that i will certainly never forget.
needless to say, my sister had my back and will always have my back. because that's what a sister is.
my sweet eden, you are probably much smarter than to get in the kind of situation where you have to defend yourself against two somoan girls, but if you did, i would be there for you with a metal bat. 
because i love you, and i have your back too. forever and ever.


shawna said...

omgosh, this made me cry. i had eden sit down before seminary and read it. all she could say was, "awww-i love emma". you're a good sister to both of them. they both need you.

i remember the night you and aenon got beat up at the stake dance.(those words just don't sound right together) what made it worse, was you had a bunch of non-member boys with you (great example for jeremy-our sweet jewish friend)...and the tongan boys held them back from the fight!! just not right-especially at a church function. where's the love??

shawna said...

o, one more thing. maybe you should keep your dirty looks to yourself!