Tuesday, May 19, 2009

today was my first day back at bp and i was so unbelievably nervous about it. i thought i might forget how to work the register or how to work the elevator in the back or how to reticket an item or most importantly, how to make a complete stranger love me enough to spend a couple hundred on v-necks and camis.
but i didn't forget and i even remembered how the third door on the left of the fitting room requires a little wiggle with the key when opening it. 
and i remembered to write the drivers license number on the top of a check. 
and i remembered how painful this job is and how my feet throb at the end of the day. 
i remembered how satisfying it is to help some awkward thirteen year old girl find a pair of jeans that make her feel sassy and pretty. 
but mostly, i remembered how much i really love my job

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