Thursday, June 25, 2009

good things:

1. not only did i not lose one of my sixteen year old party animals, the night was a great success and the girls had a lot of fun and the geisha house is yummy food. pictures to come soon...mostly pictures of the food though. is it weird that i got excited to photograph my meal?
2. my mother celebrated her 39th birthday today! yipee for eternal youth, shawna johnson. we celebrated with sunshine and waterpolo/basketball games and bjs and the new transformers movie, which i especially enjoyed. 
3. i received an email from my passport expediting service and my passport is on it's way! italy here i come babyyy.
4. because our pool is under construction and getting retiled, my sister and i resorted to running through the sprinkler to keep cool while laying out. bootleg, i know. i hope you enjoy these action shots, because they almost made me pee my pants with laughter.

5. when i started my summer fitness program, my dad promised me that if i kept my vigor for working out for a week, he would buy me whatever running shoes i wanted. boooyahhhh mr. j. craig owes me big time! can't wait to wander into the nike store tomorrow on my lunch break. definitely want a pink pair.
6. my little brother made varsity water polo as a freshman! what an athlete. he definitely takes after me of course. good looks and all.
7. i am off work friday-monday. can't wait to spend the whole weekend at the beach in the sunshine and deepening my tan. nothing sounds better and nothing makes me happier.
8. i'm happy. as usual. my life is splendid. 

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