Tuesday, June 23, 2009

so last week, david and i started our summer fitness program. cardio 5 days a week, weight training 3 days a week. mind you, i am so so so out of shape. my first day running, i hardly ran half a mile before almost vomiting. embarrassing, i know. but we've been working out and my abs are so sore and my little legs are so tired but we keep going and going and today, ladies and gentlemen, i ran 1.25 miles in 9 minutes! and i ran all the way through! no stopping to catch my breath, no walking, just running! i feel so accomplished. david thinks i will be able to run 2 miles straight in the next couple days. not looking forward to that...
tonight i am chaperoning a sweet 16 birthday party for our family friends the pinners. their daughter elizabeth is turning 16 tomorrow, along with my mother, and for her party tonight we are going to the geisha house for dinner then to the lmfao concert
Lord be with me as david and i watch over fifteen 16 year old girls in la.
wish me luck :)


Anonymous said...

oh i am loving this new fitness program! I wish i was there so i could do it with you two :) Its okay... we have all fall!

emma johnson said...

jenny i have to get in shape so i can work out with you...you and marissa are my goal!!