Tuesday, December 8, 2009

i woke up this morning at 915 and peeked outside my window and cursed inside my head because it's snowing. again.
i then proceeded to get ready for the day while in a pretty foul mood.
and my mood got even fouler when i sent my boyfriend a bbm asking if he was ready to drive me to school and he did not respond.
he did not respond because he was not awake.
he had slept through his alarm, which obviously meant that i am not important enough to wake up for and no, i was not willing to wait 4 precious minutes for him to get dressed. i had a schedule to keep, of course.
he called and apologized and i just about threw a hissy fit in a passive aggressive way by saying "it's fine" and "whatever" which he knows means that i am pissed and it's definitely not okay.
i then got into my car and cursed again in my head because there is nothing i hate more than driving in this weather.
i hate it.
i don't care that my car dominates the snow, it still scares me beyond description so naturally i make my boyfriend do it.
somewhere between being royally p.o.ed that my boyfriend made a mistake (because of course, i never do) and that it was 12 degrees outside, i realized how ridiculous i was being.
there i was, reading bbms from my sweetheart telling me how sorry he was for sleeping through his alarm and how he promised he would make it up to me, and i was rebuking his statements arguing that the action of accidentally turning off his alarm meant he didn't love me...?
i know i say it a lot on this blog, but i really do love this man. the scenario above has happened more than once, and i often times react like a crazy person, and he still loves me. he never even complains that i fly off the handle every once in a while. he just patiently waits for me to come to my senses, and when i do, he graciously accepts my apology and pretends it never happened.

truth be told, this man of mine makes me so very happy.


shawna said...

the apple doesn't fall far from the tree...

emma johnson said...

i know. sometimes i try to blame my overreactions on my genetics...