Wednesday, December 16, 2009

i've been studying an awful lot lately.
in fact, i spent nine hours in the library yesterday.
yes, nine hours.
good thing though, because i nailed my finals today.
only one more final and one paper tomorrow, and then i am home free.
anyway, those nine hours i spent in the library, i searched and searched for the right music to inspire my studying.
i tried coldplay and enya and sufjan stevens and ingrid michaelson and even a festive little christmas mix, but nothing was really doing it for me.
it was then that i turned on my church playlist.
and it fit like a glove, so to speak.
all of the sudden i was on a studying rampage in the lrc, memorizing facts and flying through study guides.
i sure am thankful for the gospel.
i really do know it's true.
absolute miracles have happened in my life through the application of it.
i promise. 

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shawna said...

a certain brother was speaking in church on sunday. he will remain nameless at this point. he said he "believed" in christ, he "believed" the church was true. i turned to hunter and said, "do you believe or do you know christ lived? do you believe or do you know the gospel is true?" he answer, "i know". huge difference. i like that you "know".