Sunday, December 13, 2009

i have three finals and two papers due this week.
i am very unprepared for two of them, semi-prepared for one.
i was supposed to prepare all day today, but all i accomplished after church was a lot of eating, a lot of online shopping and a lot of absolute nothing. 
it's awesome being unproductive.
but don't worry, i'm planning on locking myself in the library tomorrow from opening til close.
should do the trick.
i am very good at absorbing information in a short span of time.
i drive home on friday morning.
which means my entire room must be packed into my car by thursday.
the new roommate moves in tomorrow.
but don't worry there is no room for any of her stuff because i have more than enough to comfortably suit a family of five.

it's times like these when all i can really say is fml. 

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