Thursday, January 21, 2010

i don't exactly know why, but for some reason, here at the byu london center on floor 4, there is not a lot of sleeping going on. and it seems like every night i come home and tell myself i am going to bed early so i can wake up for breakfast, and then all of the sudden i look at my laptop and the time says something crazy like 2am and then i sleep through breakfast and then i am groggy for class and then i absolutely need a nap and then it's time of dinner. i seriously don't know where the time goes from the hours of 9pm-3am. last night was another one of those nights for me, which resulted in me doing absolutely nothing today except class and naps.

and then! some wonderful girl had the idea to get standby tickets to wicked after dinner, and so off we went and we got amazinggggg seats for only 25 pounds! and it was incredible. wicked is always incredible, but i hadn't seen it in two years so i had forgotten just how much i love it. there were several moments during the musical where i just got chills. so much talent and dedication goes into that play and they do such a good job. bravo to you, wicked of london cast. you are great.

after the show we took the tube home and were kind of hungry, (because like i said before, since i sleep through breakfast and nap through lunch, i get one meal a day) so we stopped at mcdonalds. caitlin said is perfectly when she said "mcdonalds: a classy way to top off a classy night". amen. just sticking close to our american roots. i don't think i have enjoyed a six piece chicken mcnugget with sweet and sour sauce so much in my life.
tomorrow we are going to westminster abbey and the national gallery.
and i love london. still.
it's not 12:52 am. i'm calling it a night.

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Kels said...

EMMA! Wicked is my FAVORITE! I love that you're loving London! I'm a tiny bit jealous you're having so much fun and seeing all London has to offer! Missing you on these stormy days when all I do is sit on the couch and watch CSI and JK+8 marathons :) xoxo k