Wednesday, January 27, 2010

today we were on the bus, ready to go at 745 am. truth be told, i don't remember too much about this morning just because it was terribly early and i was up late skyping with my mom. but i was on time, thank goodness, and i slept the entire 2 hour bus ride to brighton. we visited the palace king george IV build as a summer/vacation home. the tour walked us through his whole home and it was amazing to see how they had preserved the place. the staff there was really friendly, which is surprising because my experience with the english work force has been anything but positive, but this cute little old man suggested we all lay down in the middle of one of king george's ball rooms, so there we were...about 20 of us...sprawled in the middle of the carpet for a good 15 minutes. i love beautiful architecture and i love being able to hear the history behind it.

after the tour, we had quick lunch and then walked to the brighton pier. it was absolutely freezing outside. so so cold and since we were on the water, it was super ultra cold. my toes were frozen and my fingers about felt like they were going to snap off. the pier was amazing though. so quaint and charming. it's a bummer it's about -5 degrees outside because i would've loved to ride the rides and relax for a while, but the weather was just not working with me. but it's okay, it just means i'll have to come back some time in my life.

we got back on the bus and drove for an hour or so to battle abbey, where the battle of hastings took place. no one told us that there was going to be hiking involved, or else i wouldn't have worn my steven boots which are now covered in mud. but it's okay. once again, it was freezing, but it was absolutely gorgeous there. herds of sheep, green grass, ancient rock buildings, it was all just so pretty. we walked around a bit and then decided to play america's next top model, which we seem to do everywhere we go.
then we got back on the bus, took another little drive to the town of rye, and had dinner at the cutest bed and breakfast place. i had sweet pepper tomato soup with a cheese scone. so so good. we just sat inside the cozy restaurant and enjoyed the atmosphere and ate our warm soup and life was good. i live for those moments, when everything is peaceful.
and then we got back on that lovely bus, and drove 2 and a half hours to get home. and then since it was such a long terrible drive because i forgot my neck pillow, we decided to top off our night with waffles. nutella and strawberry waffles. honestly, i know i talk about food a lot, but these are just so so so so so good. i could eat them for every meal and be so happy.

so i came home and got into bed and started to upload my photos of the day, and i took around 200 pictures, and apparently that just threw my macbook over the edge because it wouldn't let me upload everything i wanted to and it keeps yelling at me telling me that i need to make room on my hard drive, so i think i'm going to have to buy an external hard drive tomorrow, which sucks. very inopportune timing for my computer to decide i have too many photos, but what can you do.
i am now snuggled in my bed, in my victoria's secret man sweats, skyping my david and feeling like all is right in the world. i've said it before and i'll say it til the day i die, but i love that man. if you ever want to hear a good love story, ask me about mine and david's. but just make sure that you're in no rush, because it would take me an awfully long time for me to tell a story that's been in the process for over 3 years.
but it's been worth it. without a doubt.


shawna said...

the reason you are cold is....drumroll dont wear a warm coat!!!! will you please put on a coat??? geez.


emma johnson said...

ha ha ha mom. the reason i am wearing only a long sleeve and a fairly decent jacket is because no one told me we were going to be outside all day!! not my fault.

In The Doghouse said...

Brighton is such a cool place, but jammed pack full of people when the weather is good...upside of freezing crowds! Too bad you missed the "New Forest" (Minstead, is the town, ask someone about it)on your way to Brighton. It is a charming little countryside area where tiny horses roam the streets of thatched cottages...(Greg's ancestors are from there, and Brighton) Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. These are memories you will always cherish!