Tuesday, January 26, 2010

(the street where i live. palace court. fit for a btg princess?)
well, last night at 2am we all awoke to the fire alarm blaring. thank you, the senile lady who lives in the flat next door, for waking up everyone and making us deliriously walk downstairs in our pajamas. i have to admit, my language got a little bit colorful as i was walking down those lovely 8 flights of stairs, and it was well known to all how unhappy i was about getting out of bed. after waiting downstairs for 15 minutes or so and texting my mother and my boyfriend about how bothered i was, the alarm turned off and i very bitterly climbed back into bed. anyone who knows me well knows  that i am so so cranky when woken up.
however, it was a little bit comedic, looking back at it now. i remember when the fire alarm initially started going off, everyone was super confused and i rolled over and poor sweet caitlin was out of bed struggling so hard to put her pants on. here in dorm 4, a lot of us sleep in our underwear, but it would be fairly inappropriate to go downstairs in booty shorts. it took caitlin like 2 minutes and her face was just priceless. so baffled as to how she was going to manage putting her pants on.
 let me now explain another fun fact about dorm 4: it smells terrible in here. i refuse to think that 12 girls could produce a smell this terrible. maybe 12 boys, but definitely not 12 lovely young ladies. there has to be something rotting in the walls or something, because it really just smells so bad. really. for a while i thought it was because it's always hot in here when we sleep and then we wake up sweaty and the stench came from us baking in here, but the smell of dorm 4 is not a bodily smell like i have ever smelled. i can't explain it, but i'm officially filing a complaint with the program director tomorrow because i can't breathe.
anyway, today we had class, and then caitlin and i went to get waffles, and they didn't have strawberries which was a huge bummer, but the waffle with nutella on it was definitely good enough for me. the sky was blue today and the sun was out and it was simply beautiful outside. however, to corrupt my lovely london outing, when we were walking back to our house, this creepy old man was walking in the other direction as me, and he looked me up and down, growled, and then mumbled something like "sexxxxxyyy" under his breath. this is a true story, even though it's not as good as the man last week who blatantly said "nice ass" to me and jenny and laura. apparently in london, the men are very forward. but not in the charming way italian men are, in a gross rapist way. with yesterday's robbery, and today's creepy man, i am not feeling so safe on the streets of palace court.
i came back to our place and woke up david on skype and we talked for an hour or so. i told him about the growling man, because never in my life has a man ever growled at me, and he then encouraged me to buy mace. knowing my luck, it would explode in my purse or something, so i'm not sure if that's the best idea for me, but if these london men continue these pervy shenanigans, i may just have to make the purchase.
so after i chatted with that handsome man of mine, it was time for dinner, and we had these enchilada things and audrey and jenny and macy and caitlin and i sat at the end of the table, and all of the enchiladas were gone before the pan came to us. so we waited patiently for about five minutes (mind you, we were starving) and then we decided to go to the other tables to see if they had extras. so we walk to the faculty table, and they obviously have extras, and so we ask if we can have any, and don't even worry, they say "oh no, these are for us. more will be coming up soon." they denied us and continued to eat their dinner. excuse me? did my father not pay a five digit number for me to come here? why can i not be served dinner? excuse me? needless to say, i was peeved, again. luckily, we got our food within the next five minutes after that, or else i would have flipped out. not only was i deprived from sleep the night before, but lack of food would've really pushed me well over the edge.
after dinner, we were determined to see "the woman in black", which we had tried to see two times previous. we got our tickets, were early, and enjoyed ben's cookies before going into the theater. i have to admit, the beginning was a bit boring, and i may or may not have drifted to sleep for a couple minutes,  but the rest was super scary. very very spooky. too bad it's not halloween time, i would've been perfect for that.
we came home late and booked our trip to rome for february. rome is still my most favorite place on the planet. and i cannot wait to go back.
so despite the stench, and the fire alarms, and the growling tummies, all is well on the fourth floor of the london center.
all is well.
good night.


Whitney said...

You are just simply AMAZING! Gosh I was with you to experience this all with you. And to be back in the city of Rome with you and have an amazing dinner outside the Pantheon with the full moon behind us. OH GOSH i miss that place and YOU! xoxo. BE SAFE my lil EJ!

Marilyn said...

I should have warned you about WiB. That is truly the only theatrical show that has scared me. I walked to the tube and then to the hotel looking over my shoulder the whole time. At that time, the woman herself did some of the London Walks (little two hour walks around the city) and she was an amazingly good guide. I can't wait to hear what you will see next.
Aunt Marilyn