Sunday, January 10, 2010

we walked to church today.
25 minutes in very chilly weather, but with my leggings and scarf and sweaterdress and peacoat and boots, it really wasn't that bad.
mainly because it looks like this:

unbelievably gorgeous, really.
this is hyde park, which is just a hop and a skip away from our flat.
this place is so charming, you really must see it in your lifetime.
so we walked for 25 minutes through the park, which was surrounded by homes that look like this:

beautiful right?
today i heard jude law is our neighbor.
and i believe it because the only cars parked on our street are masseratis, bmws, mercedes, and audis.
anyway, after we got through the park, we took a brief walk through the city and spotted this:

the people there were amazing.
very accepting and very diverse and very proud of their london culture.
we took the tube home because walking one way was enough for us.
and i'm glad we did because jet lag hit me hard today.
i hardly got any sleep last night, and i have to admit that my body is a little bit sore still from dragging my suitcases up the stairs, so i am just spent.
i came home and crashed and just took a 4 hour nap.
then it's dinner time, fireside, and back to bed again.


shawna said...

love how you are posting every day. promise you will continue this. when this journey is over, i will have it bound into a book. one for you and one for me!

... said...

emma! i had no idea you were in london, please tell me all about it. i went there this summer and it is absolutely amazing huh? ahhh im so happy youre there! keep updating us:) miss you girly

Jack and Melissa said...

Looks a little chilly..glad you returned home via the tube. & the 4 hr. recovery nap will give you a huge boost for the coming week..did you find some makeup? So fun to read your entries..all that are reading your blog will have a wonderful experience through your eyes & ears. So thank you! Love you lots, Aunt Melissa

Anna Zoe said...

you are so lucky you were not assigned to the mitcham ward. love the pictures! say hello to the schulers for me :)

gr8apey said...

I'm moving into that house!!! I can turn on a london accent in a moments notice...they won't even be able to tell!