Monday, January 11, 2010

i started my day off at beautiful 745 am with a bowl of some cinnamon cereal and the most divine apple juice ever that tastes exactly like a honey crisp apple. breakfast is served everyday at 8-830, so i'm going to get on a pretty awesome schedule... eventually. i only got 6 hours of sleep last night, but tonight will be much better.

anyway, after breakfast we got ready and all took the tube to st. paul's station where we met as a group and went to the london museum. call me ignorant all you want, but it was boring. it was all roman history, which i know is london history, but i just wasn't interested. so we breezed through it and sat in the lobby for a while and then ventured back out into the city.

we went to the best little pub for lunch and we ordered fish and chips, of course. i now officially feel like i am in london after eating that stereotypical meal. macy and i split a large order, which was more than plenty. it was so good. seriously. so good.

after lunch we went to st. paul's cathedral. yes mom, this is where princess diana got married. they wouldn't let us take pictures inside which is such a shame for you blog readers of mine but let me tell you, it was unbelievably gorgeous. we spent a couple hours in there and i am proud to say that i walked up 300 stairs without even taking a breather! i'm such an athlete. we were supposed to be able to walk up an additional 200 step staircase to an outside tower that overlooks all of london, but it was closed due to the cold weather and ice. quite a liability apparently. but it is only 20 minutes away from our flat, so i'm sure we will go back when it gets warmer.

i don't know if i have adequately expressed how cold it is here. i don't think that i have ever in my life absolutely needed a scarf and mittens for survival, but here, it is so necessary. it is cold. cold. cold. but charming, so it's doable.

after the cathedral, we found this cute little bakery called paul. they had such yummy looking treats but i didn't want to regain all of the calories that i burned going up st. paul's stairs, so i passed. but i got a hot chocolate, which was served in a mug of course, and we sat upstairs in the cozy cafe and it was so nice.
i feel like i made a lot of progress today. i feel like i gained a better understanding of the tube, even though i still really really would never want to ride it alone, and i feel like this place is starting to feel more comfortable and more home-y.
i really like it here.
and i am glad i get to live here for the next 104 days.


shawna said...

you have to pretend you are diana and go where she used to go. love that woman for some odd reason. still mourning he death.

Jack and Melissa said...

Emma, you have to go to Harrods with your camera & take a pic of the "memorial to Di & Dodi"'s quite goddy & over the top..but your Mom will it eat up! (it's on the 2nd or 3rd floor right off the escalator..which now looks like Egyptian sphinx decor thanks to Dodi's dad..who now owns Harrods).
Have fun!lol Aunt Melissa

gr8apey said...

max thinks he went to Pauls! he says there is another place that has thousands of differents chocolates near by!!! MUST TRY! just walk a few more miles to burn calories. I'll ask my mom if she remembers the name!