Wednesday, February 17, 2010

hi my blogger friends! 
i didn't mention it before but on monday we had a little valentines day party at the center. we decorated sugar cookies. please note how festively i am dressed. 

today we went to blenheim palace where the duke lives. it's a bummer that i am here in the dead of winter because i'm sure the gardens are beautiful when in bloom. we took a lovely tour and got to see lots of nice paintings and tapestries and such. and the duke and his family still live there. so cool. 
winston churchill was born and married at blenheim palace and we got to see this little exhibit of his life. what a cute little man he was. i hope i get to give him a peace sign some day in the afterlife.

after the palace we went to oxford. we walked around the city for a while and went to the original ben's cookies and then we went to christ's church college, which is a division of oxford, where harry potter was filmed. we had a little mini lunch in the great hall of hogwarts! how cool is that?! seriously. i could go home right now, i feel like my experience here is complete. 

found this picture of my baby magmag today. made me miss her a whole lot. i miss the little comforts of home like the dogs and having a fridge full of food and flannel sheets and digital cable. all is well in london, but 
27 palace court < 6 rue cezanne. 

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