Thursday, February 18, 2010

today i've had a whole bunch of anxiety about all sorts of things. like how my skin is now an unfamiliar shade of porcelain and how i wish my credit score was higher and how i have to write a shakespeare paper comparing hamlet and macchiavelli. i think the strangest thing about today is how i spent a long time thinking about really adult, legitimate, big time concerns. credit scores? homeowners loans? interest rates? i may or may not have even visited today. who am i turning into? 
oh yes, a boring adult lady. 

on a more positive note, we had a really nice lunch at middle temple today in a hall that is 500 years old. and then we visited the church next door where the da vinci code was filmed. cool. 

(doesn't the screaming child just complete the picture?)
and then we went to charles dickens's home, where i immediately fell asleep in the biographical film. sorry, charles, no disrespect intended.
and then i came home, ate a piece of wheat bread and nutella, stalked a bunch of wedding blogs for a couple hours, and took a nap at 9pm. please tell me who in their right mind naps at 9pm? i'll tell you who, someone who is very very tired.
it is now midnight. my shakespeare paper is due in exactly 14 hours. 


shawna said...

you always make it work, somehow emma...and i am a boring old, adult lady. im not so bad.

Marilyn said...

The Shakespeare paper wounds interesting and challenging. I'm sure you will take care of it in fine fashion. Middle Temple is a cool place. Was the church St. Dunstan's? I know that is close by.
Aunt Marilyn