Thursday, February 4, 2010

today i had four classes, which really is quite a lot when you are in london. surprisingly, i woke up early and made it down for breakfast and then took a shower. i know this is probably a huge overshare, but my leg hair is so long. i kind of want to not shave the entire time i'm here, but i try to be courteous to my roommates so i will probably shave it. i don't know what my deal is, but i hate shaving my legs. sorry i blog so much about how i hate showering and i hate shaving my legs. i promise i am not some smelly gross girl, really.

anyway, after mythology and shakespeare class, macy and caitlin and susan (our brit lit/shakespeare professor) went to wagamamas for lunch. wagamamas is that super yummy place i've previously mentioned that has the to-die-for chicken curry. the nearest wagamamas is just down this street parallel to palace court where we live, about half a mile down. so we took a nice little walk, and susan told us lots of lovely history about the street we were walking down. like how kensington palace is located on that street, and how princess diana used to live there, and how her funeral procession began under this white awning that i took a picture of and how after she died, the surrounding gates were covered in flowers knee deep. she then talked about how princess diana was loved because even though she was a princess, she would visit hospitals and pick up a sick child and genuinely hold her, with real, good intentions and care. and how diana would meet a person and remember his or her name forever, even if he/she was just some mere commoner. princess diana was a real and compassionate and personable person. i sometimes think about how people would describe me to people who don't know me. i hope that someday, someone will describe me like susan described princess diana. someone who genuinely cares for the well-being of others.

we finalized our plans for rome next week. i can't believe it's already here. time is flying by so fast. i'm so excited for it though! we're staying right next to the trevi fountain and i can't wait to experience the magic that rome emanates. it's like disneyland magic, except better. and real.

ps. check me out here. where i will be posting lovely little things daily.

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shawna said...

oh, i am so sad she died so young.