Friday, February 5, 2010

today we went to whitehall, the banqueting house, where king charles the first was executed. here at the byu london center, we love visiting places where important people were killed apparently. we were early for our appointment, so the five of us went to mcdonalds and sat and talked about weddings while caitlin ate pancakes. fun fact: did you know that i have been diet coke free for one whole year on the ninth? one year of sobriety. and did you know that i am very much looking forward to drinking a diet coke on tuesday, the ninth? can't even wait. anyway, whitehall was beautiful. we just kind of sat there for a while and stared at the ceiling. that is probably my favorite hobby. sitting in a beautiful place and looking and pondering. i have a lot of epiphany moments in that quiet time.

after whitehall, we went to lunch and then to the british museum, which blew my mind! i felt like i was in the ministry of magic. you harry potter fans know what i'm talking about. remember in the movie when harry and his friends go to the ministry because harry thinks sirius is being tortured? and remember when dumbledore battles lord voldemort? i felt like i was there. except day time, and not scary. and it was the most gorgeous day outside. i only wore a light jacket and was perfectly comfortable. the sun was shining, i got my dose of vitamin-d, and i felt so good.

my favorite part of the museum today was the artifacts from the parthenon. yes, the parthenon! the parthenon is a huge deal! and here i am, able to look at pieces of it?? pieces that i studied in my humanities class?? it was cool! seriously. sorry, this is the true nerd coming out in me, but i loved it. i wanted to stare at it all day. the parthenon!

(sorry, i just realized this is kind of a graphic crotch shot.)

we also saw some pretty cool egyptian artifacts that were fun, but didn't get me going as much as the parthenon rooms. 
p.s. if you can't already tell, i had a lot of fun with my camera today. there was excellent lighting in the museum. 

we probably only saw 10% of what the british museum has to offer, and it was unbelievable. it's free admission, so i'm sure i will be back...often. i love a good museum. let me apologize for being a dork again. but really, i like it. 
we stopped at primark after the museum, which is like the british version of a forever21, except 4 times bigger and 54 times more crowded. i think i was in there for about ten minutes before i left. ever since working at nordstrom, retail crowds gives me huge anxiety. i was out of there, and i took the train by myself for the first time! i wasn't even the least bit nervous either. i am a london local basically; i know the tube like the back of my hand.
after dinner, i talked to david and wrote a paper and talked to david some more. i spent a lot of time here, wishing that i had a kitchen here i could bake in, and thinking of all the yummy things i want to try when i get back home. but most importantly, i got a paper done, which is due monday, which means that i won't have to do it this weekend. 
now have i ever mentioned on my blog that i love my boyfriend? because i do, if you didn't already know. 

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Marilyn said...

I am so jealous. I love the British Museum and Banqueting House ceiling is amazing. Enjoy evey moment.
Aunt Marilyn