Tuesday, June 8, 2010

my forty day challenge of eating super healthy ended yesterday. i have to say i'm kind of bummed about it. i absolutely loved it. eating healthy is the key to feeling good and looking good and being happy. seriously.
i don't really have anything of meaning to blog about. but i'm just very very happy.
life is hard sometimes but it's important to always remember how inherently good it is.
if i got a tattoo i suppose it would say that.
life is hard, but it is oh so good. 


shawna said...

sometimes you need to experience the bad to appreciate the good...

Jack and Melissa said...

Congrats congrats on your success Emma! So happy it all worked out for you..this 3 week maintenance is crucial..just keep using the stevia & keep to low carbs(no bread)..basically no sugar & starch. Eggs, cheese, ham(high protein)should be the start of your day. Almond butter on apples & celery is great..the lowest carb cereal is Uncle Sams original(it should be in any grocery store)topped with fruit & stevia..takes the place of a doughnut or cupcake..hope I'm not driving you crazy!! I'm just so happy & excited for you! Love you always, Aunt Melissa