Wednesday, April 20, 2011

i have been thinking about when i wanted to end this blog and begin documenting my life with david. i thought about beginning once we got engaged, or waiting til we got married, but i feel like our official story really began tonight, at the temple.
in ten days i get to marry my best friend for time and all eternity. i get to be with him beyond this life. i get to start an eternal family with him, i get to be his queen. 
i know words will never do justice to the gratitude and love that i feel towards him, but i will try anyway.
to david:
just when i thought i couldn't love you any more, i do. you are my soul mate, you are my other half, you are truly the love of my life and beyond. and i can't wait for our eternity.
please continue to follow us on our journey together here.

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Marilyn said...

You both look so happy. I'm glad your day at the temple went so well and that you recognize the depth of your love for eternity. I will be so glad to see you at the temple next week.
Aunt Marilyn