Tuesday, April 19, 2011

 today was a great day.
i woke up and made myself some eggs, 
i dropped my car off at the dealer and picked out a little (or maybe not so little) something something i want come august (hint: it's white and sparkly and has four wheels),
i dominated my book of mormon final,
i went to the joseph smith building distribution center with david and bought all things white,
david and i went to chipotle and had a delicious burrito bowl, 
i spent 3 hours at forever21 and bought a huge bag of seriously cute modest clothing, 
david then took me to the at&t store and bought me an iphone!!!
victory. huge huge huge victory. i have basically been phoneless since thanksgiving, and now i have a beautiful iphone 4 that does the coolest things. 
we finished off the night with kevin and kurt and making a better than sex cake (not like i ate any) and now david and i are snuggled on the couch watching gossip girl.
to say i'm happy would be a vast understatement.

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