Monday, April 18, 2011

to quote batman, the night is always darkest just before the dawn. and this phrase is incredibly applicable to our engaged life this past week. my hormone unbalance took me over and turned me into a hot mess for about 6 straight days, but after a lot of praying, a priesthood blessing from my man, and the most amazing bridal shower ever, i am so so thankful for everything that i am blessed with.
for this man (my husband in 12 days), who saves me every single day:
for these girls (plus everyone else), who threw me such a gorgeous bridal shower (pics to come):
for this place, where i get to go on wednesday:
and for this man, who has taken care of me my whole life and given me the wedding of my dreams:
12 days, my friends. 12 short days.


Jenny Fitzgerald said...

yaaaaa! i can't believe its in 12 days! crazy.

Paige Bischoff said...

I am really excited for you emma! Wish doug and I could be in town. You are going to look gorgeous!