Thursday, October 16, 2008

to whom it may concern:

i mean no disrespect or harm in anything i post on my blog. i post what makes me happy and what motivates me to be a better person. i write about positive things and how beautiful my life is. 

please do not copy my blog. it just shows your own lack of creativity and intelligence. i am sure that you have many other talents...exercise them by coming up with your own blog titles, catch phrases, subtitles, and words in general. 

i just don't really care whether you're voting for mccain or obama. that's great if mccain is your choice, but obama is mine. i am not going to sit here and list all of my reasons for choosing him and i am certainly not going to make personal attacks on you for supporting the republican party. i would appreciate the same behavior towards me. every person is entitled to their opinion and their beliefs, even if they disagree with yours. diversity is what makes this country what it is. don't bring other people down because of politics. focus on the similarities between both candidates and how they both want to make this country better.

i am impulsive and i speak my mind without always thinking about it first. it's a horrible habit but i always apologize when i come to my senses. i always say sorry when i think it's deserved and i don't have a problem admitting i was wrong. however, i will not apologize if i don't believe i've done wrong. i won't say sorry for standing up for something i believe in. i'm not going to be influenced by anything you say if i have established an opinion. 

if you have a problem with something i say on my blog, then don't look at it. you're making the choice to look at this. if you don't like it, then don't click on the link or enter my url in your search engine. looking at this blog is a voluntary action; i'm not screaming my ideas at your front door. i'm quietly putting them into words on my webpage. 

finally, i am not engaged. if you hear i am, or if you are asked if i am, please set the record straight. .  

thank you.


Shane Anthony Helbling said...

yeah emma! i think i need to say something familiar to this on my blog

shawna said...

holy hell, emma, what has this world come to