Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 random things.

this seems to be the new cool thing to do on facebook, so i'm bringing it to my blog.

1. i love trashy reality tv shows. my favorites include rock of love, i love new york
 and my new obsession, bad girls club. it's a horrible guilty pleasure of mine but i just am addicted. 
2. i have really small hands, feet and fingers. my feet are size 6.5 and my ring finger is 
smaller than a 5. 
3. i hate sharing. i never had to share growing up, so i guess i just never learned that "sharing is caring." i love having my own bathroom and bedroom and closet...especially since last year i shared a bathroom with two other girls!
4. i wash my face twice a day religiously. i love having clean skin before bed and before i put my makeup on in the morning. i am obsessed with the neutrogena wave. try it, you will love it!!
5. i'm nineteen years old and have grown two inches in the past six months. my grandma says it's typical of my nordic blood.
6. i laugh at myself a lot.
7. i have a bikini collection...i have about 40! this is probably because i love the summer time. so so so much.
8. i just can't quit my diet coke addiction. i feel
 for people who have problems with smoking and alcohol addiction because i feel the same about my diet coke!! i crave it. it makes me happy.
9. i hate web-trendy abbreviations. like, WTF, LOL, LMAO, etc. 
10. i love my younger brother hunter. i love all my siblings equally, but he is the first boy in our family and he is just soo fun to watch grow up! i can't wait to see what an amazing man he grows up to be and i just think he is perfect.
11. one of the worst things about living in utah is being away from my scottish terrier. i love my maggie and how sassy she is. she really is the cutest dog on the planet, no questions asked. 
12. i develop sentimental attachments to inanimate objects and places. anything that reminds me of a special time or a loved one.
13. my favorite colors are happy, marigold yellow and burgundy plum.
14. i have a tremendous passion for justin timberlake! i just love him. more than words can express.
15. i love when people tell me i look like my mom. she is the epitome of a beautiful woman to me.
16. i love wearing animal print and anything with sparkles!
17. i know i am only nineteen years old, but i feel like my calling in life is to be a mother. i frequently have dreams about having a baby and i can't even describe the kind of love i have for that child...even though it's just a dream! some girls aspire to have high powered careers, i just aspire to have a family.
18. i can name every boy i have ever kissed in order.
19. i love the summer time more than any other time of the year. i love bbqs, the beach, laying out by the pool, tan lines, beachy hair, everything! 
20. every time i watch tv on the lovesac in our apartment, i fall asleep.
21. i get a lot of entertainment out of prank calling.
22. i love mexican food!! my favorite place is a hole-in-the-wall restaurant called aunchos in riverside. they have the bestttttt homemade tortillas and i could eat it for every meal.
23. i hate spelling errors, ungrateful people, milk, and people who don't eat food! don't let my size fool you...i am little but i have a huge appetite.
24. i love disneyland!!!
25. i'm very very happy 99% of the time :)

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