Thursday, May 21, 2009

i felt a surge of creative energy after paige's shower tonight when i saw my girl chelsea with the cutest little flower headband she made. i stopped by target on the way home and purchased some more skinny stretchy headbands and crafted the white one with the lace and i love it! so here i am, showcasing my master pieces and bragging just a little bit because they really are cute and even cuter in person. 
and yes, david is modeling them. 
embarrassing, i know, but no one else was awake. 
you know a man loves you when he agrees to model headbands.
let me know if you want one, i'd love to make one for you :)


shawna said...

those photos of david are hilarious. he is such a trooper to put up with you! ok, now you are officially the queen of cupcakes AND the queen of headbands.

Aubrey & Aaron said...

you should start your own business emma! I would totally buy some from you :) how much? what about baby ones?