Sunday, May 3, 2009

moments that made me happy to be alive today:

1. although it's fast sunday, we snuck treats into church in my louis vuitton. delicious motivation to stick out the whole three hours in two ziplock baggies, gummie bears in one and the other, peanut m&ms. we were super sneaky during sacrament and went unnoticed, but during sunday school, we realized that peanut m&ms are not a quiet snack. david pulled the bag out and all those yummy chocolatey peanut delights were loud enough to cause the people in front of us to turn around and make me feel slightly guilty for a split second that i forgot about the fast and i was teasing them with my goodies. but i soon got over my guilt and enjoyed every one of those delicious babies.
2. i took a shower this morning and blow dried my hair and shaved my legs and got all cute because i like getting pretty for church. i just think it's respectful and nice and proper. anyway, i have this great lotion called tantalizer by lorac, and it makes my skin look irresistible. seriously. my legs were so hot today.
3. i got an email via my blackberry from my dad while i was out today saying "bring home a treat. please?" mind you, an email. not a call, not a text, not a bbm. an email. so of course i make a little stop by coldstone and pick up an ice cream cake just because i love my dad enough to break the sabbath. 
4. my little sister has her drivers permit and was driving home from church in my dad's car and wasn't paying attention and hit the median and seriously damaged the suspension. this is not the best news, i know, but i smile because no one got hurt and maybe this will override the tale of how i ran into the garage three days after getting my license and then went to church and sobbed hysterically all through sacrament and everyone stared at me and assumed i was some horrid sinner, feeling remorse for my sins. 
5. eleven months ago to the day, i said goodbye to my very best friend for two years. he is serving the Lord in a foreign land and today i kept remembering that fateful day last year when i cried in his closet and he could do nothing to console me except hold me and try to tell me it was okay. eleven whole months have gone by now and i get so giddy thinking about the day thirteen months in the future when he comes home and i get to hug him again and probably cry some more but out of happiness this time, not despair. 
6. i checked the weather forecast for this week and it looks perfect. absolutely flawless. i can't wait to soak up some real uv rays and wear my bathing suit under my clothes and feel sand in my hair. mmmmmmmmm.

life is good. 
be happy you're alive.

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Aubrey and Aaron Antis said...

Thank you for being happy! Because you make me happy! :)