Sunday, May 3, 2009

today i woke up at 9.30 and rolled over and grabbed my book and read until 11 and i had almost forgotten how much i adore a good love story and a well written novel. when i was in 7th grade, i read a novel a week and they weren't like baby-sitters club books, no offense, i read classic literature like charles dickens and j.d. salinger and so i developed such a love for the written word at a young age and i hope i never lose that. nothing gets me going like a book that enthralls me and captivates my whole attention and makes me eager to turn the page and sad when i finish.
around noon, i decided i should embrace my new found creative hobby and head to joanns. luckily, joanns is having a huge sale and all of their spring flowers are 40% off. what a deal. so i bought a bunch of flowers and i bought some rhinestones and i bought pearl beads and i bought some vintagey buttons and i bought a new glue gun and then i went to target and bought more solid headbands. i really am having too much fun with this. i don't want to brag, but i am such a creative genius. the headbands i made today, to die for. true story. i am loving this creative energy. i will post pictures of my new babies tomorrow. 
david took me to dinner to celebrate his first sale at his new job. claim jumper. classic. in high school, we used to go to lunch everyday at either claim jumper, jalapenos, selmas, chipotle or cpk. every time i go to these fine restaurants now, i am just filled with memories of being 16 and completely carefree and naive and a stuck up brat with a credit card with no limit. oh, to have that life again. 
after dinner we went and saw "ghosts of girlfriends past" and i was so excited to see it because i am a huge fan of matthew but i was a little disappointed with the movie. he wasn't an endearing character and the movie was all too sexual and really objectified women. emma stone was so funny though. all in all, it wasn't my favorite, but it could've been worse and looking at my man matthew for 2 hours isn't that bad.
david and i were talking on the way home tonight about the best decisions i have ever made for myself. i love talking to david because i learn so much about myself in discussion with him. my brain sometimes works in reverse and instead of processing thoughts before i speak them, i speak and then am so shocked at how profound my words are. during this discussion tonight, i realized that the two most influential and best choices i have ever made in my entire life took place on november 28, 2008 and january 5, 2009 and although i had no idea the significance of these choices, they have changed my life. and i did exactly the right thing and i am so glad. 

have i mentioned lately that i love my life?
and that i am the happiest girl on the planet?
incase i haven't, let me reiterate that to you.
i love my life. 

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shawna said...

if i may ask, what happened on those dates?