Sunday, December 13, 2009

sometimes i like to do what david calls "fishing."
no, this does not involve fish or poles or lakes, it involves me fishing for compliments,
usually in the form of this:
"do you love me?"
"you won't even miss me when i go to london..."
"i feel ugly today..."
you get it?
and in all honesty, it's not that i'm insecure or self conscious really, it's just that sometimes i like to hear him tell me that he loves me to the moon and back and that the four months i will be studying abroad in london will be the hardest of his life and that i am the most beautiful creature to ever walk the planet.
it's just kind of nice to hear it sometimes, you know what i mean. 
taylor had a bridal shower last night (i will post pictures soon) and we played this game where jenny interviewed her fiance spencer and then taylor had to guess his answer.
one of the questions was: 
"what is your favorite physical feature about taylor?"
sweet spencer answered with:
"her face."
really cute.
after the shower, i decided to ask david this question because i felt like going fishing.
i ultimately wanted to hear that it was just too hard for him to pick only one physical feature because i am just such a feast for the eyes, but i wanted to hear what he would come up with.
so i asked what his favorite physical feature was on me.
and without hesitation, 
he says: 
"your butt."
and i just about cried.
here i am, expecting some sweet answer about how he can see my soul through my eyes or how flawless my facial features are, but no.
i got the booty.
i suppose this means i need to refine my fishing for compliments questions before i ask.

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