Saturday, January 16, 2010

i woke up yesterday at 6am with a raging fever. mind you, i have the immune system of a rock and i cannot even remember that last time i was slightly ill. but i definitely had a fever and i definitely felt terrible. unfortunately for me, however, that day we were scheduled to see the london tower and the borough market, and i wasn't about to let a little fever keep me down. so i got ready and took a lot of ibuprofen and off i went to the tube. the tube in the mornings is packed. big time. so many bodies all anxiously traveling to work and when there are a lot of bodies in a tight space, it gets really hot. and when you have a fever and are traveling in the tube for 30 minutes, it is no good. i literally almost passed out. no good. luckily, after we got out of the underground and walked around outside for a bit, my ibuprofen started to kick in and i was feeling a lot better. thanks macey for wiping the sweat off my face. you are a pal.

there are so many cool things about the london tower. like how its 900 years old, or how anne boelyn was executed there, or how it holds the crown jewels, or how it is right next to the london tower  bridge, or how richard II murdered his two nephews there and disposed of their bodies under a staircase, etc. i never noticed how blue the london tower bridge is. these pics don't do it justice really, but it is gorgeous and huge and quite a sight to see. after we entered into the london tower, we saw the crown jewels. it was amazing. the largest diamond in the world is held there, something like 500 karats. i have never seen such huge diamonds (except on april mccusker's finger) and they were secured behind these huge giant steel doors and i kept thinking about how for oceans 14, george clooney and brad pitt need to snatch some of the queen's jewelry. anyway, after that we went to this king henry VIII exhibit which showed all of his armor and such. for those of you who have forgotten who king henry VIII is, he is the one who killed all his wives when they couldn't produce a male heir and he was quite the warrior apparently. it was really neat to see all of the things he actually wore and then we got to see this tour of british warfare evolution that was also interesting. we then got a hot chocolate, walked around, saw where anne boelyn was beheaded, saw some torture chambers and some prisoner holding cells where you can still see what they carved into the walls, hundreds of years ago.

after the london tower, we walked over the london bridge (which is really unimpressive, looks like the rsm bridge) into the borough market which was unreal. mom, you would have loved it so much. it was like a farmers marked on steroids with the most amazing baked goods and yummy foods ever. we walked around and appraised everything and then decided we wanted to try ostrich burgers. yes you heard me right, ostrich. and i am so glad i did because it was the best burger i have ever had! it was more lean and flavorful than beef and they paired it with baby greens and mustard and this white cheese on ciabatta bread and oh dear i was in heaven. the market is open every friday and saturday, so i am sure we will be back because there is so much there that i want to try.
after the market we went and purchased our tickets to chicago, and then came home and got ready and left and we were late as usual and then we got lost and it was a miracle we got to see the show. the show was good, but the movie is better. it's hard to compare to catherine zeta jones and richard gere, but it was still fun. we were sooo tired by the end of the day and my fever started to come back so we booked it home and i took a tylenol pm and knocked out for 14 hours. i woke up at 2pm and i still feel terrible and am super bummed that everyone is out seeing the sights and i am in bed with oliver and shakespeare, but i need to rest and hopefully i will be back in action tomorrow. it sucks being sick in london. sucks big time.


Laura said...

Emma you beautiful girl- get better!! I missed you all day today.
PS thank you for saving my butt with your coat.

Jack and Melissa said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery from whatever bug you've picked all the pics you've posted AND of course, your entries!
Stay safe & get you lots, Aunt Melissa

Shanna said...

Ostrich burgers... awesome!
A famous restaurant that serves unusual meats and cuts is St. John's restaurant:

Marilyn said...

HI, Emma--
I don't know if you remember me, but I am David's grand aunt in Maine. I am soooo glad you love London. It's my favorite place in the world and I've been there dozens of times. By the way--it is Tower Bridge that is blue. London Bridge is a piece of ugly cement.:)
"Aunt Marilyn"

emma johnson said...

aunt marilyn,
it is so nice to hear from you! i love that you read my blog and i'm glad that it adequately expresses how much i love this place. don't worry i definitely know the difference between the london tower bridge and the london bridge (i hope i didn't make a silly error on my blog) and i was VERY unimpressed with the london bridge!