Sunday, January 17, 2010

(us at chicago on friday night)
today it took one hour and forty five minutes for us to get to church. here in london, all of the students are divided into little groups of three or four and dispersed into the surrounding family wards, which is really neat because most of the people here are converts and immigrants from other countries. anyway, macy, maddy and i are in a group together and left here at 800 and then when we were en route, we realized that the station we were supposed to get off at was closed so we had to find another way to get there and it took soooo long and it really made me appreciate how fortunate we are at home and at byu in provo to have church so close to us. count your blessings, because i walked a ton today. and it was no fun.
our ward is really small and our bishop is super young, only 27, and most of the people in the ward are immigrants from nigeria. we have sacrament last, so it wasn't that big of a deal that we were so late but the people in the ward were so excited to have us there. all of the ladies in relief society when we came got up to give us their chairs and everyone introduced themselves to us and later our bishop told us that the members will look up to us greatly because we have been born into the church and know how things are supposed to go more than they do. the people are so humble and loving and i am really looking forward to serving there...hopefully in nursery or primary.
after church we headed home and it only took us an hour and fifteen minutes. but by the time we got to our door and walked up all 8 flights of stairs to our room, we got undressed and passed out in bed for like 4 hours. i love sunday naps. and we have these really thick curtains in our room like a hotel that totally block out the light (as if there's any sun in london) and it was just so nice to sleep. i don't know what our deal is, but it seems as though no one is adjusting to london time properly. i was starting to think it was because i've been under the weather, but i'm glad it's not just me, because all the girls are so tired all the time. there is never a time during the day when i could not fall asleep. it's tragic, but i'm sure it will get better.
after our nap we had dinner, and then planned our future trip to rome a little bit, and now i am sitting in my bed again, contemplating doing homework, showering, or taking another nap. tomorrow after classes we're going to shakespeare's globe! i am sooo excited i can hardly wait. it will be so amazing. pictures and stories to come.

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Jack and Melissa said...

The lack of SUN is affecting you--take that & add the time change & tada! you want to hibernate! & all the walking you're need more sleep to keep that up. Hang in there & your roomies will bounce back soon. Love you, Aunt Melissa