Tuesday, January 19, 2010

yesterday, i woke up and went to classes and then for our shakespeare class, we got to go take a tour of the globe theater! i was so excited, and i can't really explain how cool it was to see the globe and hear all about elizabethan theater because i love shakespeare. really. no matter how much i complain about having to read king henry VI, i really love shakespeare. i promise.

anyway, the globe was incredible. mind you, this isn't the actual globe that shakespeare performed at, that theater burned down long ago, but this is as exact a replica as possible. our tour guide was incredible. he was absolutely an expert and had his masters in elizabethan theater so he really made the tour a great experience. unfortunately, because of the cold weather, we won't be able to see a play performed at the globe while we're here, which is kind of a bummer, but it's okay because i'm sure this won't be my only trip to london in my life.
to get to the globe, you have to cross the thames on this bridge, the millenium bridge, which is the bridge that the dementors destroy in the opening scenes of harry potter 6!! look familiar?

after our scenic walk to the tube and back home, we had dinner, and then laura, jenny and i took a little trip to ben's cookies, my most favorite cookie in the world. we sat and ate ben's at covent gardens at this cute little outdoor eatery place while listening to a live band. it was so charming. i love london.

after ben's, we came home and did our reading assignment and then i skyped with this handsome fellow and i sure did miss him quite a bit. but i know he's still there, and i know that when i come back he will be there, and i am so thankful that he supports me chasing my dreams. i've found myself quite a catch, it's true.

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happy to see the hunter boots out...