Friday, February 19, 2010

(no i am not an outfit repeater, this picture is from yesterday.)
well. apparently last night my brain was not in the mood to be productive at all, so at 2:30am i stopped trying to write my shakespeare paper and went to sleep. but then i slept terribly because i was worried about oversleeping and not being able to finish. so i woke up at 8:30 and luckily my brain felt a lot better. i got my whole essay finished by eleven, had religion and british literature class, got ready, and then went to a mosque.
to get to this mosque, we walked by this gorgeous pond with ducks and geese and babies in strollers being pushed by their nannies. the sun was out and it was a stunning day. i was happily snapping gorgeous pictures...until i realized my memory card was not in my camera. so sorry, no photos of the charming lake or mosque today.
we got to the mosque and we didn't get the memo about how we needed to cover our heads, so we walked in and all the muslim people were like "ahhhh cover your hair!" so we quickly left and thank goodness it's cold and most of us were wearing scarves anyway, so we made due with hoods and hats and such. sorry if byu london caused a big scene at the mosque, my muslim friends. anyway, we had a tour from this guy and i guess everyone learned a lot about islam but i was in the back of the group and couldn't hear a thing about what he was saying, which kind of sucked, but i did get to see the muslim men do one of their evening prayers, which was interesting.
i did got to listen to a q&a session at the end of our little tour, which made me very grateful for my religion, which glorifies my gender. i've never felt insecure about not having the priesthood because i know that i have the gift to produce life, which is something equally as divine. i am thankful that i have been raised with opportunities to magnify my talents and become anything i want to be, despite my sex. i am grateful that i am in a relationship where my significant other sincerely values me and respects me and views me as equal, if not greater. and it sometimes makes me very sad that not everyone has the blessings that i do.
for dinner we went to this yummy place called giraffe that i think i have mentioned before. i got a chicken quesadilla and my stomach feels content. the girls stopped to get ben's cookies and i declined. it was a huge step for me, since ben and i have a really passionate love affair going on.
it's only 9:30 but i think i'm going to wash my face and get in my sweats and pop in my gossip girl season 1 and call it a night. i'm tired. my brain is still recovering from that shakespeare paper.

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shawna said...

ah...every person who owns a camera, does that ONCE. fortunately, you will never do it again. love how you are exploring the beliefs of others, and how wonderful it is we live in a world a diversity. how boring if we were all the same...