Tuesday, March 2, 2010

us with tracy turnblad! she did such an amazing job faking an american accent. 
caitlin, me and audrey with the man who plays edna, tracy's mom. he was by far the funniest element of the play. 
we saw hairspray tonight. it was definitely my favorite show i've seen here so far. i absolutely loved it. you could tell the actors were having so much fun on stage and it made the audience have fun and it was so well done. hats off to you, london cast of hairspray. 

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Marilyn said...

I absolutely LOVE Hairspray--all the casts and even most of the movies. It's a fun show to do, so I'm sure the actors were really into it. Glad to hear you finally visited a doctor and got some medicine. You should be feeling better soon.
Keep loving London!
Aunt Marilyn