Monday, October 11, 2010

last week i didn't sleep. i think i averaged 6 hours every night. not enough. i don't know how it happens, but every night after we watch our shows (gossip girl, biggest loser, greys anatomy, jersey shore) we have girl talk and then all of the sudden it's 3am and i have class in seven hours. it's really not smart. so because of this lack of sleep and the combination of pms and the weather change and whatever else, i was in a funk all week. but the lack of sleep definitely caught up with me on friday when i felt like living death and passed out for 13 hours. most of provo was out partying or on dates or doing who knows what, and there i was, in my man sweats, party pony and no makeup, watching titanic until i fell asleep at 9pm. i'm super cool.
saturday we went to the game and watched jj do work on the field. they won, thank goodness, and victory was extra sweet because his birthday was on sunday. happy birthday to our honorary roommate/brother, mr. di luigi.

these are chocolate covered marshmallows rolled in coconut, and let me tell you, they were divine. maybe i had six.  i've been on a major marshmallow kick lately. can't get enough.

we had a jersey shore themed dessert party sunday night for the birthday boy. if you don't watch jersey shore, i highly recommend you get on your tivo and record the rest of the season. it is probably the stupidest/sleaziest/most ridiculous show of all time, and i just can't help but love it. you probably won't get the signs if you don't watch it, but they're all jersey shore token phrases.
i'm going home this weekend to see my family and go to disneyland and pick up my winter clothes. i can't wait. i miss them a lot. i got to see my dad on saturday for a bit, he came into town for a funeral, but an hour wasn't enough. i miss hunter's jokes, i miss grabbing eden's butt, i miss dane's one-liners, i miss telling my mom everything about my life, i miss talking in voices with aenon, and i miss the security i feel from my dad. my family is dysfunctional to the max, but i really do love all those crazy people.
anyway,  this week just might kill me. i have a ton of reading for my law class tomorrow, an 8-page anthropology paper due wednesday, and two little one pagers due wednesday too. and i have midterms next week. when it rains, it pours.
but my life is good. so so so good that sometimes my face hurts from smiling too much. lately i've made a conscious effort to be aware of the tender mercies in my life. for the miracle parking space i find when i'm running late, for the cute baby that waves at me at the store, for the girl who compliments my bag on campus, for the talk in church tailored for me, for the text message from the boy who gives me butterflies. and the more i focus on being grateful for these little customized blessings, the more aware i am of the Lord's hand in my life.
i'm grateful for my maker, and i'm grateful He has a plan for me.

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shawna said...

i have come to the conclusion that embracing my dysfunction is the best remedy...and all those tender mercies, i have come to appreciate too. and its time to fill me in, girl.